Something to Ponder: Presbyterian’s Democratic Captivity

Attached is an article that a friend suggested I read.  It was published in FirstThings in March 2012.  For over twenty years, Joseph Small was the director of the Presbyterian Church’s Office of Theology and Worship.  Although Small primarily writes about the Presbyterian Church USA, in this article he examines the struggles that many denominations (from Baptist to Episcopalians) have with the changes of culture which has sidelined American Christianity in much the same way as it is sidelined in Europe.  I would be curious on your take on the article.  Is the new status (or lack of status) of the church something to bemoan or are their opportunities for us to once again reclaim what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ? Click this link:  Presbyterian’s Democratic Captivity:  Democratic Proceduralism Impedes Theological Discernment and Undermines Ecclesial Unity  

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