New Media at SIPC

Installing new flat screens monitors at SIPC

This summer Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church made a major investment in our sanctuary to both enhance our worship with four large screens and to broadcast our worship with three remote controlled cameras. Out thanks to everyone who played a role in this transition, especially Lars Ljungdahl, Jim Brown, Sam Eskew, and the late Bob Harris.

We have been slowly working into our use of this technology which allows us to show high quality images and video during worship, to stream our services live, and to record our services for future play. Over the past two months, we have had “Beta Testers” watch the service from computers in their homes and apartments, on tablets in the hospital, and on a beach in Nova Scotia. I even was able to catch most of Deanie’s sermon recently while camping on the north end of Cumberland Island. Unfortunately, my signal strength wasn’t the best, but I was able to catch most of her excellent message.

While we would love to have you worship in person with us each and every Sunday, we know that we are often busy or traveling or, heaven forbid, sick or in the hospital and unable to be present at 10 AM on Sunday morning. For those Sundays you are not able to be here, we encourage you to worship with us via streaming over the internet. This you can do on any computer or tablet. Just go to or click on the link below. Of course, if you are traveling in a different time zone, you’ll need to make sure that you go to this site at the time we are worshiping (currently it’s 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday morning). This time would be 3 PM in London, 7 AM in Los Angeles, or 5 AM on Monday in Malaysia).  To check out the correct time, go to https://timeis and search for Savannah, Georgia USA.

I invite you to join us here on the island, or remotely, wherever you might find yourself this Sunday morning.

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