A Blessing

A blessing for Walt and Carol 

Walt and Carol, when you first came here,
I am sure you had no idea what this place would hold:
the joy and laughter,
the celebration of holidays,
the seriousness of the study of God’s word,
the terms both of  you served on Session,
the rotation of ministers in the pulpit,
and the love around the table during                                    fellowship dinners

When you first came here in search of community,
you never knew all this place would hold:
the sadness, grief and tears
shed during funerals and memorial                                            services,
the concern experienced over terrorist attacks
and violence on our streets,
the ups and downs of the economy,
along with your own struggles with health and wellness.

I pray that through thick and thin,
this has been a sacred place filled with God’s word and loving friends,
and its memory will forever be a part of you.

And now, as you leave us to be closer to your children in California,
know that the God who brought you here
is still with you as you set your face toward a new destination.

God will continue to be with you
until the shadows no longer lengthen
and your earthly breath ceases;
then you’ll be called into your eternal home
where, at some point, we’ll all join you,
at that place where there will be no more grief and loss
just joy.

Until then, be well and go with our blessings.

-Jeff Garrison

Presented to them at the end of worship on December 2, 2018


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