Blessing of the Fleet 2015

The Blessing of the Fleet 2015

 Prayer of Thanksgiving, Blessings, and Petitions

Almighty God, at the beginning of creation, your Spirit hovered over the deep.  You separated the waters from the land, set the sun and the stars on their courses across the sky, and called forth every creature.  The seas as well as the lands and the air above were filled with life.  When we consider the works of your creation: the majesty of a pelican fishing in the ocean, the gracefulness of a porpoise playing in the inlet, the beauty of the sun rising above the marsh on a misty morning, we stand in awe.  You are, as the Psalmist proclaimed, our refuge and strength.  Your providence provides for all our needs and your presence is a comfort when the waters roar and foam.  We know the stories of your Son, Jesus the Christ, whose voice was able to calm the storm and the hearts of the disciples.  Therefore, we trust you and pray your continued presence with us.

Gracious Lord, we give thanks for all those who work at and play upon the seas.  We acknowledge our need for the food and products which come from these waters, for the need for goods to be transported across them, and the joy of all who find solace upon them.  Yet, we acknowledge the danger that lurks upon the waters, the storms that move across the surface with winds, dangerous waves, and lightning that makes the wet sky appear angry.  Give us a clear mind to make responsible decisions and keep us safe when we go out upon the deep.

Loving God, we pray for those who work upon the docks, who serve us with a smile. Keep them safe as they work with dangerous equipment and are often hurried in their attempts to respond quickly to our needs.  Bless their work, their machinery and their skill, that boating might be a safe sport for us all to enjoy.

God of the oceans, bless all seafarers as they fulfill their duties and face the dangers of their calling: the sailors and officers of the United States Navy, our Coast Guard and its Auxiliary, wildlife officers, those in the Army Corp of Engineers and their contractors who maintain the channels and markers, the men and women who make their lives from fishing and with shipping as well as those who provide services dockside and in harbors.  Grand them your strength and protection and keep them in the hours of special need.

We ask for your blessings to be upon the boats and all who sail them, along with the dockhands here at the Landing Marina and the Delegal Creek Marina.  Protect us from the dangers of wind and waves and the perils of the deep and help us to relax and be at peace when we sail upon the waters.  We realize that our boats are small and the ocean is large and from our exposed vantage point help us to appreciate the majesty of your creation.  Grant us incredible sunrises and sunsets, mysterious cloud formations, enough wind to propel those who depend upon sails to gracefully navigate, and when we are on the waters at night, more stars than we can count.

We pray this in the name of the one who called the fisherman, the great helmsman of all times, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.




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  1. Jeff,
    Your prayer for Blessing of the fleet is really lovely, being boaters I found it very comforting and I will place a copy in our boat. Thank you Jeff ❤️ Margaret

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