Prayer at the Dedication of the Docks at Landing’s Marina


Sailing on the Wilmington River just outside of the Landings Marina

 A Prayer at the Dedication of the Docks at Landing’s Marina

Jeff Garrison

May 14, 2016


Almighty God, whose Spirit swept over the face of the waters at creation, separating the ocean from the land, we turn our attention to you on this day as we dedicate these docks and this harbor.  May this harbor provide tranquility, a safe haven, when the sea roar and foam, protecting the vessels and sailors who gather here.  May those who sail from this place, heading out into the vastness of the waters, go with your blessings and enjoy the benefits of your Creation.   For those seeking peace and solace, grant gentle waves and sunny days.  For those seeking fish, grant a good harvest.  For those seeking adventure, give wisdom and grant safety.  For those embarking on a trip, grant a steady breeze and a safe passage.

And Lord, when the day is done or when the weather threatens, grant all those upon the water a safe return to these docks.  When the boats are secured, may we enjoy good fellowship whether watching the golden light fade from the marsh or the approach of a summer storm.  God of providence, you’ve created us in your image and we’re told you watch over us.  May we display this same concern for others in need and offer a hand, whether on the water or here at the docks, that all might enjoy this facility in safety.  And when the light has drained from the sky, and the winds have died, and peace have fallen upon the earth and the waters, help us to look out from these docks and image your hand in the creation of the stars that twinkle above.  And when we look across the waters, help us to recall your guidance as we observe the navigation lights in the channel or the light shining across the marsh from Tybee.  Continue to guide us and to keep us safe and in your hands, that we might have many more adventures that begin upon these docks.  This we pray, Amen.

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