Cumberland Island (September 22-24, 2018)

I was scheduled to preach at an anniversary service for a church in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Sunday, September 23. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it as all the roads had flooded thanks to hurricane Florence. Furthermore, the church had cancelled the service. Since I already had my pulpit covered, I decided to use the time to take off an explore, via kayak, the north end of Cumberland Island. In the recent issue of The Skinnie, I tell about my experiences there. They’ve published a number of my writings, but this time used only a few photos. Below are a sampling of other photos from that wonderful trip.

Click here to read more about the trip. My article begins on page 8.

Paddling over to Cumberland Island

Ruined boathouse near Plum Orchard (with a wild horse)

Plum Orchard

Preparing coffee

African Baptist Church where the Kennedy wedding took place

Outside the African Baptist Church

The Beach on Cumberland Island

Roads on the island

Late in the day

Setting sun

Rising sun on paddle back to mainland


Submarine dry dock appearing “Noah Ark-like” in the morning light


Cumberland Island (September 22-24, 2018) — 9 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’d like to visit Cumberland. That’s a place that’s been on my list for a while. Really like the Old African Church. So simple. I didn’t know the Kennedy wedding was held there.

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