Mission and Benevolence Moment for Mission


Angel Tree gifts under the tree

Good Morning

I have the privilege to sit on the Mission and Benevolence Committee.

In the past 6 weeks we have asked the congregation for a great deal of support.  First we asked you to help with the Santa Claus Express to support the Presbyterian Homes here in Georgia.  Well you did that wonderfully with PJ’s, Robes, and Sweaters. Sweat shirts, toiletries, lap blankets and much more.  Four Santa bags full,

Then came the Angel tree.  75 angels were snatched from the tree and gifts came in for Union Mission, Pin Point and Safe Shelter.  At the Advent dinner men’s socks were filled with deodorant, soap, tooth paste and a tooth brush for Inner City Night Shelter.  When they were delivered, it was reported they had never had that before.  They will give those out on Christmas.  I was asked to deliver the leftover food to Safe Shelter.  Bob and I gathered the food and the items left in our donation box for the delivery.  We arrived and rang the door bell.  One of the staff came to the door and I told her we had some donations.  We’d need a cart.  Loading up the cart she asked if we needed a receipt.  I informed her was from Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church.  She stopped and looked at me and said “You do a lot for us”.  I replied that it was a very generous church.  She then asked if we were doing anything for the families for Christmas.  I told her we had 25 teenagers we were giving gift cards.  Her jaw dropped and said thank you.

Years ago I was reminded that to whom much is given, much is expected.  You, we, as a church have responded to that responsibility.

Well done good and faithful servants.

Carolyn Ernest

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